Benefits of Having Patches4less Embroidered Patches on Our Company Uniforms

Gone are the days when we all have frowned upon the idea of wearing uniforms at the office. The advent of companies specializing in embroidered patches, like Patches4less, paved the way for these patches to gain a niche in the corporate world. Today, we can wear our uniforms with pride not just because we work for well-established companies, but also because we represent them through uniforms that are made more tasteful and elegant with patches.

Security of Image and Positive Reputation

While there are numerous companies offering customized embroidered patchesembroidered patches, we must carefully consider how their methods would secure our company’s image and continuously build a positive reputation for us. For example, Patches4less welcomes client ideas, but we also provide recommendations based on what we believe would elevate their company’s image. This is why we greatly appreciate customization requests that include what a client wants the patch design to embody. Is it the company’s mission and vision? Or is it their company values?  Based from the client’s original idea, Patches4less may suggest the type of thread, color palette and art to be used on the patch. Then, these suggestions are combined with the client’s idea and purpose of adding patchwork on their uniforms. Of course, this is only executed upon the client’s agreement. More than anything else, we would like to provide clients the flexibility they need, especially when it comes to the choice of colors, fabrics and fonts.

Free Advertisement

If our client needs to advertise their company, we also make sure that our design helps them implement this rather expensive business endeavor through their uniforms. Patches4less clients can request adding company details on the patchwork. These details depend on where on the uniform the client wants the patchwork to be place, which is usually on the front and backs sides.

Increased Professional Image

For many years now, uniforms with embroidered patches have been helping companies increase their professional image. Thankfully, most companies offering these small pieces of artwork strive to continue this legacy. Because in reality, just wearing a plain top or shirt while working doesn’t conjure a sense of professionalism. Try putting a salesperson wearing a collared top without any details of where he works alongside a man working the same job, but wearing a top with his company’s patch. Even before anyone of them begins delivering his sales pitch, we are most likely to turn our attention to the guy wearing the uniform with a patch.


This is not an issue with embroidered patches. We can still promote our company brands and services, and make a bold statement about our reliability and trustworthiness through patches without changing the entire design and fabric of our uniforms. Most companies, including Patches4less, can apply patches on fleece sweatshirts, track jackets, cotton shirts and denim tops. They can also be attached on hats, bag and aprons. Other companies may have reservations on applying patchwork on certain materials though. So, a bit of research could help us decide on a company that can offer a suitable patch or method of patching based on our uniform’s design and fabric.

Promotion of Personalized Service

A personalized service is also one thing that we provide our customers when we put embroidered patches on our uniforms. Instead of name pins, we can put name patches on the top region of our uniforms, especially if our jobs require face-to-face customer interaction. Name patches help us gain a first good impression from our customers. Because a name patch gives them an idea that you belong to the company, they become more trusting of us. This compels us and our customer to build a professional yet a friendly connection. Without us noticing it, the recognition we receive from our name patches helps us become more responsible for our actions. Responsibility would then turn into confidence, inspiration and then improved performance.

Embroidered patches have come a long way in the corporate world. It’s good to note that a lot of companies are now recognizing the benefits of having patches on their employees’ uniforms. It really is amazing how a small and humble embroidered artwork could influence the image of their companies and even the overall performance of their staff. These things are continuously happening to those who believe in the artwork, and it’ll just be easy if we all just start recognizing their advantages.


How To Promote Camaraderie Through Challengecoins4less.Com

Camaraderie is a very vital part of any organization or team. Even if the company is composed of the best of the best, if there is no solidarity among their employees, attaining any goal will still be a hard thing to do. Even though the leader has that potential to lead everybody to success, he will still experience a great struggle if there is no camaraderie within the group. For in every relationship, friendship should always be the foundation whether it be in the family, intimate relationship, church organization, civic groups, government agencies or goal oriented corporations. Will friendship mean that one can do wrong things repeatedly and still be accepted by the others as if nothing worse happened? That’s not the point.

Camaraderie means being one with the others to the time that you will avoid committing mistakes so as not to drag your friends to the wrong side of the court and creating shame amongst everybody.
But how should you establish this in your team?

Camaraderie cannot be achieved in just a snap of your finger. It takes a slow and genuine process for you to see it in everybody and really feel its effect in everything that you do. This type of friendship goes way deep than the usual night outs with your colleagues. It’s deeply rooted on respect and peace in everybody despite the individual differences that you have with one another. It’s all about moving forward together and achieving those goals without leaving anyone behind. You can start establishing camaraderie in your team by sharing yourself to them, revealing the genuine you in front of the others. It starts with taking real time to get to know your colleagues and identify their strengths and weakness, their likes and dislikes and their pros and cons in every movement that you do. After dealing with the internal connection, using physical connection in terms of material things is a great reminder of being solid to the group.

Challenge Coin

Others capitalize on identification cards, logos, uniforms, colors and mottos just to remind everybody in your circle that you belong in one family. And as part of this family, you need to be respectful and supportive in terms of doing the right things that are in line with our team’s vision and mission. Aside from the above stated recognition, a coin can also promote camaraderie. You can have corporate business coins, fire department coins, police coins and military coins. proves that solidarity symbols go way beyond the typical cards and uniforms. With a challenge coin representing the department or company’s logo, you can surely be proud of where you belong and the endeavours that you do along with these wonderful people.

Challenge coins are given to government officials who exuded strength, courage and dedication to the job of protecting the community and the nation from threats and natural calamities. Being a police officer, fire fighter and soldier isn’t an easy job for you have to put your life at risk in every task that you will take. Aside from that, you will have to put your family behind the people that you need to serve. These scenarios will really trigger weaknesses. Thus, offering a coin that will promote solidarity to these people to stick to their commitment will really be a big factor for them not to feel alone in this noble battle.

military coins also gives recognition to employees who have been in the company as it reaches its achievements. Together with the corporation, you will feel that you are really an important part of this family when you receive a corporate coin that signifies your timeless worth. Affirmation and oneness define camaraderie and that’s what makes an employee stay aside from the salary and the benefits that the company may offer.

Whether for corporate or government purposes, is always ready to help you establish camaraderie with other people in your job. They are armed with the best creative artists who can conceptualize your desired challenge coins that would signify your company or department as well as the purpose of giving it to the deserving individuals. With an affordable prize, they can already provide you an elegant and breathtaking coin that is priceless for all its worth.

In this world where respect, honesty and loyalty are hard to find, proves that one coin can inspire a person to work hand in hand with the majority. After all, no man is an island. also gives recognition to employees who have been in the company as it reaches its achievements.


More PCB Offerings At

Here at, you can never run out of different options. We are one of the trusted suppliers for high quality printed circuit boards that’ll be delivered to you just in time at an unbeatable price. All our PCB prototypes and production had met the Class 2 standard. It means that all our printed circuit board products have high quality performance and are made to last.

There are three class standards in the industry that will help customers to choose certified suppliers for all their PCB needs.

For Class 1, testing and verification of general electronics products’ designs are done. Class 2 is for dedicated service electronic products. High quality and durability is required for these products such as communication equipment, slicker business machines or other special instruments. Continuous service for all PCB suppliers is also needed in this class. In Class 3, premium quality printed circuit boards are highly required as it will be used in military, medical and aeronautics products.

PCB AssemblyAt the, we continue to venture new innovations to bring you all your PCB specifications as easy, simple and fast as we can. We are very proud for being the first to provide instant full turnkey quotes online in the PCB industry. You can now get your PCB quotes instantly without any waiting process. Right after you give us your BOM’s (Bill of Materials), you can already acquire quotes in just a matter of minutes. And if ever you’re wondering about BOM, this would be your list that specifies the components needed in building your project. You can also include here several information such as reference designators, part number, quantity and description of parts needed to be assembled. With just few clicks, you can now get your instant order quotes and place your online turnkey orders. Aside from full turnkey quotes, we also provide partial turnkey and consignment orders.

For a more effective and high performance printed circuit boards, we use HDI’s or High Density Interconnects. HDI circuit boards are highly related to Micro via Technology. Micro visa are holes drilled using a laser drilling process. Using lasers for Micro via formation is the most commonly used method of drilling micro visa to circuit boards. These holes are perfect for creating electrical connection to each layer of a multilayer circuit board. We also use a plate shut process to guarantee our customers of a more reliable PCB products.

High density interconnects allows smaller components to be used on a wider scale. Smaller parts used on HDI boards can generate higher electrical performance since they have shorter internal wire and lower power requirements. It improves efficiency of circuit boards for it provides the latest technology to your boards. With high density interconnects, you can have variety of design choices for your BGA layout with the smallest pitch. It also helps in enhancing circuit board thermal conditions. Reduction of holes, pad size and conductor size leads to increased interconnection density of your circuit boards. HDI boards also provide via hole linked directly on the surface mount pad or BGA pad.

We also use DLD or direct laser drilling for micro via formation. It is beneficial to your printed circuit boards for it better controls the registration to your boards compare to traditional laser drilling machine. If you want to directly image electric circuits on your circuit boards, we offer LDI or laser direct image on a dry film process. Like the DLD machine, it also helps to effectively control registration.

Pcb fabricationAssembling your printed circuit boards is not a problem here at We only use the finest quality equipment in producing all our PCB products. Manufacturing your circuit board requirements would be very budget-friendly and less time consuming. Jetting of liquids has become very popular in our industry and we acquire a unique tool to jet solder paste. This technology allows the build up of paste by small dots to create the exact amount for each SMT pad. Pinning in paste, applying paste in cavities, and other special applications can be easily accommodated through this process.

We also offer several printed circuit board assembly capabilities such as Flip chip, Flex circuit, Pb-Free, thru hole, Wire harness assembly, cable assemblies and SMT assembly. We also have PCB capabilities that would perfectly fit all your purposes. These capabilities includes 22 layer fabrication, hole sizes down to 8 mil plated and 5 mil laser drilled, 3 mil line width and spacing, 6oz copper and a maximum PCB thickness up to .300”.

With, we fabricate high quality PCB products through our organized and systematic process. Our dedicated labour force staffs genuinely produce our products that you can definitely depend on. Through our modernized equipment and technological processes, we assure you that our printed circuit board products are all worth having for.

Real Estate

Garden city homes for sale in the United States

Garden city is an urban planning movement that began in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s through the leadership and vision of Sir Ebenezer Howard. During the surge of the industrial revolution, cities became so inhabitable that Howard thought it necessary to bring in the country to the city by developing real estate that combined residential and industrial areas with urban gardens.

Howard developed two of the first garden cities in England namely the Letchworth Garden City and the Welwyn Garden City. Both garden cities were located in the countryside of Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

After World War II, the concept of the garden city was brought to the United States and was adopted in the urban planning schemes across the country.

Some of the most prominent and well known garden cities in the US are:

1. Residence Park in New Rochelle, New York is one of the first garden city communities developed in the United States. The well-known American city and urban planner Adrian G. Iselin developed and created New Rochelle garden city back in the 1920s. New Rochelle is well known for garden city homes for salethat are in the turn-of-the-century architectural style. Houses built in the Queen Anne, Tudor and Colonial Revival style abound in Residence Park. Despite its longevity, New Rochelle garden city has been very well maintained through the years and is considered a historic community and a popular historic site to visit in New York. cityWoodbourne garden city in Boston was developed in 1933, making it another historic garden city community. Garden city homes for sale in Woodbourne were intended for middle class families looking to experience a utopian community fit for raising families. A feature that distinguishes Woodbourne from other garden cities is its gabled English cottages situated around a common courtyard. Also, to retain its English countryside appeal, the entire estate kept its uneven landscape and was not flattened out like most garden city development.

3.Garden City, New York dates back to 1869 when multi-millionaire Alexander Tourney Stewart decided to develop it. It is also considered a university town because it is where Adelphi University is located. As a side note, the Garden City shopping center located at the center of the community has the distinction of being the airfield that Charles Lindbergh took off from for his successful transatlantic flight in 1927.

4.homeGreenbelt garden city in Maryland was founded in 1935 as a public cooperative community. During the New Deal Era and the Great Depression in the United States the US government was faced with housing shortages in key industrial cities. Its response was to develop ‘green’ communities or self-sufficient towns where city dwellers, mostly government workers and white collar workers, could relocate for better living conditions. Greenbelt garden city was one of those communities and through the years it has proven itself to be a successful experiment in garden city community living. As of 2010, the population of Greenbelt city gardens in Maryland was 23,000. A clear sign that it is still a functioning and thriving community.

5.Lake Vista Neighborhood is located in the city of New Orleans in Louisiana. It sits on reclaimed land where soil from Lake Pontchartrain was dug up and constructed into a seawall giving the community its elevated landscape. It is said that because of its high elevation Lake Vista neighborhood was able to survive hurricane Katrina intact. Another good reason for looking at garden city homes for sale in Lake Vista, other than being part of a historic community, would be seeing an 18th century Old Spanish Fort which predates the founding of the community.

There are many more garden city communities in the United States that have through the years turned into prime real estate property on account of its residents who ensured that their communities lived up to the objective of garden cities. Today, it is likely that garden city homes for sale are available anywhere in the US for anyone interested in purchasing real estate in these garden city communities.


Brand Representation Of Motivational Speakers

We believe that motivational speakers should speak in a way that inspires people emotionally. But what if you’re assigned to speak on behalf of a company that is need of promotion and advertising?

For a speaker to fully showcase a particular brand in the process of motivational speaking, it’s a must to give proper and precise helpful information to listeners and be interesting at the same time. Speech is also considered a form of art. It is like painting with the use of words. Being a good public speaker is not something found in a person’s genes, it is a skill. And skills can be learned.

Here are some tips for brand representation of motivational speakers:

Being chosen to join other motivational speakers for a certain brand or company is a wonderful opportunity to not only promote a product or service, but also promote yourself. Promoting yourself does not necessarily mean you are selling yourself. This is figuratively speaking. Meaning, you sell yourself to the audience in a way that the result after your speech is that they’ll be interested with what you are promoting. You can also talk about your passions, what made you successful and how your lifestyle is like now and relate it with your topic or brand.

Motivational SpeakersThe delivery of your speech should be in a way that is highly informative yet not overly promotional. Remember that “knowledge is power.” To do this, you should state the positive features of the said product and service and how consumers would benefit from it. This way you are boosting the said product or service. And what way to know more about your topic? You read and research about it. You need wisdom regarding the company’s product or service.

Another way to properly deliver your speech is by testimony. If you tried the product or service yourself, then it can serve as something to indicate that what you are talking about is true and from your own experience. This way, it would not only be informative, but also truthful. This will make your speech more believable. Sugar-coating can be of little use. But deliberately lying about your topic is not recommended. Your speech should be based from your experience. Otherwise, the motivational speaking will lose its essence.

Knowing your audience or target market is also essential. You need to know how to please different groups of people because your audience will vary for sure. Some people also appreciate humor. Adding humor can make the discussion livelier and more interesting. However, you need to make sure the topic is relevant and can be associated with the target audience. Knowing your audience can also help you to prepare in advance how you will deliver your speech. Here, you get more information about successful motivational speakers.

For further information, writing is another way to make sure that the audience will gain the necessary information about your topic. Handing newsletters, handouts, and flyers about the product or service of the company you represent helps them remember the speech. This also helps them get the additional information necessary or things you’ve missed out on during your speech. Having a website or blog can also be useful. This would make you improve your skills and at the same time you’ll have good public relations. This will also allow you to have more motivational speaker engagement opportunities.

Motivational SpeakerAs we usually say, practice makes perfect. You can practice public speaking to shape your skills further and overcome any lingering stage fright you may have. Some people even attend classes that teach such. You can also practice through making your family and friends an audience. Having someone listen to you can help point out any suggestions in the way you deliver your speech. And when you conduct motivational speeches over and over, then you will be able to enhance your speech and communication skills. Another way to practice is offer free motivational speaking to people in any local organizations.

Be open to feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, look at it from a positive perspective. Think of ways to improve your skills more and how to avoid negative feedback next time. For positive ones, listen and pay attention well to them because you can use them to post on your website, blogs and on your printed materials. Just like what is said above, it can be used as promoting yourself.

Another important aspect in delivering a speech is to dress smartly. Remember, you are among the motivational speakers and therefore, you must be presentable because the audience’s focus would be on you. Formal clothes are recommended because this will signify the seriousness of the topic. The color of your outfit should not be too flashy so as not to distract your listeners. Their main focus should be about our speech and not your fashion preference.

Thinking positively helps you speak positively. This is essential because what you believe in determines how you behave. From the word itself, “motivational”, you are to encourage people with the use of your positive outlook.


What Goes Into The Making of A Lapel Pin

Those ubiquitous lapel pins are everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they are made? They may seem commonplace and ordinary as everyday objects, but once you learn about the meticulous process that goes into making them; from designing, molding, stamping, soldering, polishing, plating, coloring to packaging, you will greatly appreciate each finished piece as a work of art.

The process starts with choosing a pin design. Work with the pin manufacturer in choosing the best type of materials and finish that will go well with your chosen design.  The best types of materials used in pin making are as follows:

Cloisonne has the highest quality. This technique has been used for centuries, since the time of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, to decorate jewelries. In the 14th century it spread to China, where they perfected the art of embellishing large vessels such as vases and teapots.

Soft Enamel is comparable to cloisonne, but is less expensive. It is a good alternative for those who want a beautiful glossy finish at an affordable price.

Die struck is a great choice if you want your pin to have an engraved sophisticated all metal look. The result is a clean, understated yet elegant looking pin.

Off-set digital is a method similar to the one used in printing magazines. Pins with very complex, detailed designs such as paintings or photographs, requiring an unlimited number of colors, are best made using this method.

Photo etched enamel is similar to the soft enamel method. But photo etching works best with far more detailed designs because it allows a wider spectrum of colors to choose from. The resulting pin also weighs amazingly lighter.

Silk-screen is a process also used to create images on T-shirts. Blocks of color are applied one at a time. Although similar to the off-set digital process,silk-screen is the best option when specific requirements have to be met,  such as in company logos and trademarks.

lapel pinsThe final pin design is inked and colored and transferred to a sheet, marked   with the specifications of size and features. The pin manufacturer then makes a mold based on the outline of the pin.

The mold will be placed on a machine and will be used to stamp the individual pins onto a metal sheet. Copper or brass is softer and more pliable which makes it easier to stamp elaborate designs.

In the final stage, the copper or brass metals are plated with a more durable metal such as nickel, silver, gold and platinum depending on the chosen design and budget.

The required attachments are applied to each pin and the finishing touches are made. The pins are then polished, colored and checked for quality before they are packaged and shipped to the customer.

Want more bling and pizzazz on your pins? As far as pin collectors are concerned, there are extra features that add value and appeal to pins.

Danglers are little charm-like objects, such as bells, jewels or tiny figures that hang from a small hoop on the bottom of the pins. They dangle which makes for a highly noticeable pin.

Slider is what you call a piece of metal attached at the bottom of the pins. This attached piece can slide back and forth for extra fun.

Spinner is a movable piece is attached by a bolt or screw through the center to the pins. This attachment works like a pinwheel, spinning round and round.

Blinker refers to the battery-powered LED light added at the back of the pin. This makes your pin stand out even more. However, batteries are not replaceable, it  may stop working once batteries run out.