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Here at pcbnet.com, you can never run out of different options. We are one of the trusted suppliers for high quality printed circuit boards that’ll be delivered to you just in time at an unbeatable price. All our PCB prototypes and production had met the Class 2 standard. It means that all our printed circuit board products have high quality performance and are made to last.

There are three class standards in the industry that will help customers to choose certified suppliers for all their PCB needs.

For Class 1, testing and verification of general electronics products’ designs are done. Class 2 is for dedicated service electronic products. High quality and durability is required for these products such as communication equipment, slicker business machines or other special instruments. Continuous service for all PCB suppliers is also needed in this class. In Class 3, premium quality printed circuit boards are highly required as it will be used in military, medical and aeronautics products.

PCB AssemblyAt the pcbnet.com, we continue to venture new innovations to bring you all your PCB specifications as easy, simple and fast as we can. We are very proud for being the first to provide instant full turnkey quotes online in the PCB industry. You can now get your PCB quotes instantly without any waiting process. Right after you give us your BOM’s (Bill of Materials), you can already acquire quotes in just a matter of minutes. And if ever you’re wondering about BOM, this would be your list that specifies the components needed in building your project. You can also include here several information such as reference designators, part number, quantity and description of parts needed to be assembled. With just few clicks, you can now get your instant order quotes and place your online turnkey orders. Aside from full turnkey quotes, we also provide partial turnkey and consignment orders.

For a more effective and high performance printed circuit boards, we use HDI’s or High Density Interconnects. HDI circuit boards are highly related to Micro via Technology. Micro visa are holes drilled using a laser drilling process. Using lasers for Micro via formation is the most commonly used method of drilling micro visa to circuit boards. These holes are perfect for creating electrical connection to each layer of a multilayer circuit board. We also use a plate shut process to guarantee our customers of a more reliable PCB products.

High density interconnects allows smaller components to be used on a wider scale. Smaller parts used on HDI boards can generate higher electrical performance since they have shorter internal wire and lower power requirements. It improves efficiency of circuit boards for it provides the latest technology to your boards. With high density interconnects, you can have variety of design choices for your BGA layout with the smallest pitch. It also helps in enhancing circuit board thermal conditions. Reduction of holes, pad size and conductor size leads to increased interconnection density of your circuit boards. HDI boards also provide via hole linked directly on the surface mount pad or BGA pad.

We also use DLD or direct laser drilling for micro via formation. It is beneficial to your printed circuit boards for it better controls the registration to your boards compare to traditional laser drilling machine. If you want to directly image electric circuits on your circuit boards, we offer LDI or laser direct image on a dry film process. Like the DLD machine, it also helps to effectively control registration.

Pcb fabricationAssembling your printed circuit boards is not a problem here at pcbnet.com. We only use the finest quality equipment in producing all our PCB products. Manufacturing your circuit board requirements would be very budget-friendly and less time consuming. Jetting of liquids has become very popular in our industry and we acquire a unique tool to jet solder paste. This technology allows the build up of paste by small dots to create the exact amount for each SMT pad. Pinning in paste, applying paste in cavities, and other special applications can be easily accommodated through this process.

We also offer several printed circuit board assembly capabilities such as Flip chip, Flex circuit, Pb-Free, thru hole, Wire harness assembly, cable assemblies and SMT assembly. We also have PCB capabilities that would perfectly fit all your purposes. These capabilities includes 22 layer fabrication, hole sizes down to 8 mil plated and 5 mil laser drilled, 3 mil line width and spacing, 6oz copper and a maximum PCB thickness up to .300”.

With pcbnet.com, we fabricate high quality PCB products through our organized and systematic process. Our dedicated labour force staffs genuinely produce our products that you can definitely depend on. Through our modernized equipment and technological processes, we assure you that our printed circuit board products are all worth having for.