Benefits of Having Patches4less Embroidered Patches on Our Company Uniforms

Gone are the days when we all have frowned upon the idea of wearing uniforms at the office. The advent of companies specializing in embroidered patches, like Patches4less, paved the way for these patches to gain a niche in the corporate world. Today, we can wear our uniforms with pride not just because we work for well-established companies, but also because we represent them through uniforms that are made more tasteful and elegant with patches.

Security of Image and Positive Reputation

Embroidered-PatchesWhile there are numerous companies offering customized
embroidered patches, we must carefully consider how their methods would secure our company’s image and continuously build a positive reputation for us. For example, Patches4less welcomes client ideas, but we also provide recommendations based on what we believe would elevate their company’s image. This is why we greatly appreciate customization requests that include what a client wants the patch design to embody. Is it the company’s mission and vision? Or is it their company values?  Based from the client’s original idea, Patches4less may suggest the type of thread, color palette and art to be used on the patch. Then, these suggestions are combined with the client’s idea and purpose of adding patchwork on their uniforms. Of course, this is only executed upon the client’s agreement. More than anything else, we would like to provide clients the flexibility they need, especially when it comes to the choice of colors, fabrics and fonts.

Free Advertisement

If our client needs to advertise their company, we also make sure that our design helps them implement this rather expensive business endeavor through their uniforms. Patches4less clients can request adding company details on the patchwork. These details depend on where on the uniform the client wants the patchwork to be place, which is usually on the front and backs sides.

Increased Professional Image

For many years now, uniforms with embroidered patches have been helping companies increase their professional image. Thankfully, most companies offering these small pieces of artwork strive to continue this legacy. Because in reality, just wearing a plain top or shirt while working doesn’t conjure a sense of professionalism. Try putting a salesperson wearing a collared top without any details of where he works alongside a man working the same job, but wearing a top with his company’s patch. Even before anyone of them begins delivering his sales pitch, we are most likely to turn our attention to the guy wearing the uniform with a patch.


This is not an issue with embroidered patches. We can still promote our company brands and services, and make a bold statement about our reliability and trustworthiness through patches without changing the entire design and fabric of our uniforms. Most companies, including Patches4less, can apply patches on fleece sweatshirts, track jackets, cotton shirts and denim tops. They can also be attached on hats, bag and aprons. Other companies may have reservations on applying patchwork on certain materials though. So, a bit of research could help us decide on a company that can offer a suitable patch or method of patching based on our uniform’s design and fabric.

Promotion of Personalized Service

A personalized service is also one thing that we provide our customers when we put embroidered patches on our uniforms. Instead of name pins, we can put name patches on the top region of our uniforms, especially if our jobs require face-to-face customer interaction. Name patches help us gain a first good impression from our customers. Because a name patch gives them an idea that you belong to the company, they become more trusting of us. This compels us and our customer to build a professional yet a friendly connection. Without us noticing it, the recognition we receive from our name patches helps us become more responsible for our actions. Responsibility would then turn into confidence, inspiration and then improved performance.

Embroidered patches have come a long way in the corporate world. It’s good to note that a lot of companies are now recognizing the benefits of having patches on their employees’ uniforms. It really is amazing how a small and humble embroidered artwork could influence the image of their companies and even the overall performance of their staff. These things are continuously happening to those who believe in the artwork, and it’ll just be easy if we all just start recognizing their advantages.